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Have You Fallen for the Myth of ‘I Can’t Draw’? Do it Anyway – and Reap the Rewards

Drawing is a powerful tool of communication. It helps build self-understanding and can boost mental health. But our current focus on productivity, outcomes and “talent” has us thinking about it the wrong way. Too many believe the myth of “I can’t draw”, when in fact it’s a skill built through practice. Dedicated practice is hard, …

How to Nurture Creativity in Your Kids

Parents who want their kids to be more creative may be tempted to enroll them in arts classes or splurge on STEM-themed toys. Those things certainly can help, but as a professor of educational psychology who has written extensively about creativity, I can draw on more than 70 years of creativity research to make additional …

Collage Journal Practice With Sarah Greenman

Journaling visually together is a beautiful way to process feelings for children and adults. It also helps express hopes and dreams to loved ones and ourselves. In the video below, creative alchemist, artist, storyteller, writer, and facilitator Sarah Greenman graciously shares a tutorial for making a visual collage within the framework of a journal practice. …