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teaching daughters to be strong

Teaching daughters to be strong is one of the most critical things a parent or caregiver can do for their child. The task can feel daunting, but there are many ways to nurture a girl’s strengths to help her have a fulfilling adulthood. Below we explore different actions those raising girls (or any child) can …

Nine Ways to Help Girls Overcome Disappointment

From earning a low test score to losing a soccer game, it can sometimes be difficult for girls to cope when things go wrong. Parenting expert and best-selling author Dr. Michele Borba, Ed.D., shares insights to help them deal with tough setbacks and build resilience along the way. “We can’t—and shouldn’t—protect our kids from losses …

girls support women

One of the most valuable things we can teach young girls is how to empower other women. It’s essential to show kids that they can use their voices to help others and build female camaraderie. Teaching empowerment skills helps girls develop stronger relationships with important women in their lives and encourages them to take significant …


Chelsea Gooden: Wisdom and Power of Teenage Girls

In this Girls That Create podcast episode, Erin engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Chelsey Goodan, author of the new book Underestimated: The Wisdom and Power of Teenage Girls. The discussion focuses on teenage girl empowerment, societal stereotypes, the importance of representation in media, and the significant role parents play in supporting their daughters’ identity …


Ten Powerful Quotes From Black Women Creators

Every February we celebrate Black History Month, which honors the achievements of Black Americans and is a time to recognize their indelible part in U.S. history. Below are powerful quotes from Black women creators and displays of their work. Quotes From Black Women Creators Alma Thomas, Artist and Teacher Through color, I have sought to …

Creative Careers: Early Failure Can Lead To Success

Failing early in our careers can make us question whether we are on the right path. We may look at people who have succeeded from the outset and wonder why it doesn’t come so easily to us. Classical violinist Nigel Kennedy, actor Natalie Portman and painter Pablo Picasso are examples of young geniuses who were …

Creator Spotlights

Sari Dienes

“Spirit lives in everything, it has no age, no color, no sex” is the landmark quote by the late artist Sari Dienes (1898-1992), celebrating her legendary life in art. Dienes’s pioneering work in the Mid-Century New York art world influenced male peers of the era (including her friends Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg). But like …

Female Artists to Follow on Instagram

This list includes women who are part of the Girls That Create Creator Spotlight series. It features visual artists creating on their own terms, from muralist ZuZu Perkal to the creative alchemist, artist, storyteller, writer, and facilitator Sarah Greenman. Female Creator Spotlight Artists to Follow on Instagram Sarah Greenman The arts have always been a …


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