The 82-year-old singer and subject of a new documentary sleeps in a tree, has come to terms with not being a reader and is more interested in upside down than right side up.

Seed work was first practised by enslaved African women in Antigua and Barbuda. With few artisans left, efforts are under way to preserve it in a way that empowers younger generations.

When we’re feeling lonely, maybe the best thing to do is pick up a paint brush or pen and express how we’re feeling. Dr. Jeremy Nobel joins host Krys Boyd to discuss how we can use creative expression to connect with others.

The legendary CBS exec on making TV history with CSI and The Good Wife.

After a career as a schoolteacher, the Washington, D.C.-based painter flourished, creating vibrant patterns inspired by nature, the cosmos and music.

The Washington, DC, museum opens on 21 October with an ambitious show of previously unseen large-scale sculptures and immersive installations.

The series now features thirty comics about women artists represented in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection.

From Tchaikovsky’s Christmas ballet to Bizet’s barnstorming orchestral overture, some of the greatest classical pieces make perfect music for children.

Evolving from the analysis of representations of women in film, feminist film theory asks questions about identity, sexuality, and the politics of spectatorship.

Carly Adams, the founder of Tidy Revival, discusses with Erin the importance of organization in terms of physical and mental health and how to maintain it for a long time.