While arts programs often fall victim to budget cuts, they can be an important contributor to students’ success at school. usnews.com

Jan Riggins

From a young age, 3D chalk artist Jan Riggins knew art was in her essence. She had grown up in a home filled with creations by her mother, a prolific artist who painted a Christmas card for every person on her list, and a grandmother who sculpted and worked with watercolors. Although Riggins focused mainly …

young adult books

When Phil Stamper was growing up in the early 2000s, he couldn’t go into a Barnes & Noble and find an LGBTQ+ section for young adults. “There weren’t enough books to fill those shelves,” Stamper, a popular author of contemporary, queer young adult (YA) novels, told The 19th. His latest book, “Small Town Pride,” released …

Play develops social and emotional skills, builds the part of our brain that is responsible for planning, problem solving, and organizing, and enhances self-esteem. inquirer.com

Mightly: Comfy, Play-Friendly Kids Clothing

One of my daughters passionately made her feelings known about clothing bling as a toddler. Think your sequins, buttons, taffeta, embroidery, and more. She HATES all of it. And she still does, which means I’m always delighted to discover a new brand that meets her standards. Mightly makes comfy, play-friendly styles for kids of all …

The pioneering sculptor defied trends to honor the daily lives of her subjects. smithsonianmag.com

caroline mcgraw kilroys

In 2013, a group of women banded together to create The Kilroys, a grassroots collective of playwrights, directors, and producers advocating for gender parity on American stages. The name Kilroy was derived from a World War II graffiti tag “Kilroy Was Here,” which soldiers left in unexpected places to make their presence known. Playwright Caroline …

French cellist Héloïse Luzzati launched La Boîte à Pépites to promote the forgotten works of women composers. npr.org

Andrew Bomback is an associate professor of medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and he joins host Krys Boyd to discuss how parenting became a verb, why we’re stuck on the notion that parents can have it all, and how to break free of the intense cultural pressure surrounding parenting. kera.org

Incorporating visual elements into poetry writing can help students express themselves and uncover deeper meanings in their work. edutopia.org