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English teacher Marita White has decorated her Bothell home into a “rainbow house.” Each room in her home seems to have a different personality, color scheme, and aesthetic. Read about White, her daughter Farah, and how they let creativity explode in their living space.

Continue to celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting a quote from artist Frida Kahlo in Learning for Justice’s One World poster series.

There’s a range of educational books about drawing techniques for kids, and My Modern Met has made a list of 10 favorites.

Seven Unique Coloring Books Your Creative Girl Will Love

Often creatives love coloring outside the lines. Other times there’s a sense of calmness that comes from staying within them. Whichever mood your girl is in, here are seven unique coloring books to share with her. And remember, it never hurts to have coloring as an option when it’s time to shut off screens. Seven …