From its origin, women pioneered the sound of gospel music. Listen to a discussion about the women who shaped gospel music and the singers making waves today.

Leslie Jamison teaches in Columbia University’s MFA program, and she joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the many ways daydreams shape our lives and the power of taking a little time to let our minds wander.

Dori Berinstein

Growing up in Los Angeles, Dori Berinstein made countless trips to see live theatre with her family. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion was a frequent destination. On one excursion, young Berinstein saw a production of “Hello Dolly,” starring the legendary Carol Channing. Channing’s performance made a huge impact, and from that moment on, Berinstein was a …

Pulitzer-Prize winning science reporter Matt Richtel joins Think host Krys Boyd to talk about creativity and what awakens it, the conditions where it thrives and what happens when it’s blocked.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Works With Sound It Out Campaign

A few months ago, we shared a story about Sound It Out, a campaign by the Ad Council that helps parents and caregivers have meaningful conversations about mental wellbeing with their middle schoolers. Recently Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Miranda family worked with Sound It Out to talk about the importance of having conversations with kids—and …

Lori Ann Terjesen spearheaded a call for women to submit their journals and other physical and digital items to the National Women’s History Museum.

Artist, Illustrator, Author, and Teacher Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Jennifer Orkin Lewis fulfills many different creative roles as an artist, illustrator, author, and teacher. As seen on August Wren, Lewis’s predominately nature-inspired paintings have been featured in collaborations with Anthropologie, Kate Spade Home, Seattle Chocolate, and more. After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Lewis decided to start her creative career in …

The artist famously inspired the Cubist, but a new book shows that her own paintings deserve renown.

films anger sadness

In the film Turning Red (2022), a young 13-year-old girl, Meilin “Mei” Lee, turns into a red panda whenever she has strong emotions: when she is angry, when she is sad and when she is excited. She begins to believe that strong emotions are embarrassing and tries to suppress her true self. In the film …

Creative children are often better problem solvers and more resilient. Here’s how to develop those skills.