fanny female rock band

Three women nod to the beat of a drum, their silvery hair swinging in unison. One leans towards a microphone, husky voice ready to belt. This female trio is not some random band of retirees but instead living icons rekindling their passion for rock ‘n’ roll. Their slightly wrinkled faces smile as the sound of …

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum looks back at a 1971 exhibition devoted to women and puts their work in conversation with emerging feminist artists.

To reap the benefits of music on learning, kids need consistent and abundant musical practice, according to the latest cognitive research.

Each Sunday, we will be posting new deals for Zulily items we think you might be interested in purchasing.

English teacher Marita White has decorated her Bothell home into a “rainbow house.” Each room in her home seems to have a different personality, color scheme, and aesthetic. Read about White, her daughter Farah, and how they let creativity explode in their living space.

Continue to celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting a quote from artist Frida Kahlo in Learning for Justice’s One World poster series.

There’s a range of educational books about drawing techniques for kids, and My Modern Met has made a list of 10 favorites.

Photographs by Women Artists

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is now hosting Our Selves: Photographs by Women Artists from Helen Kornblum, an exhibition that will present 90 photographic works by female artists from the last 100 years. The exhibit will be on view from April 16 to October 2, 2022. Drawn exclusively from the Museum’s collection, thanks to …

Sasha Graham

Before becoming a children’s book author, Sasha Graham worked as a publicist, television writer and producer, and an executive for Walt Disney Studios. In the four years since Graham pursued writing full-time, she has written two children’s books, both part of her Tiny Ninja series. Using the character of the “Tiny Ninja,” which represents the …

10 Quotes from Women in Jazz for National Jazz Appreciation Month

National Jazz Appreciation Month reminds us to acknowledge over a century of revolutionary and unforgettable music. From the 1920s prohibition era to the civil rights movement, jazz has undoubtedly shaped the American music and social experience. Check out the following 10 quotes from women in jazz for reflection and inspiration. Quotes from Women in Jazz …